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Top 5 Graduation Cap Tutorials to Watch on Youtube

The end of the school year may not be around the corner but it’s never too early to start curating custom grad cap ideas! After all, you’ve spent all this time in school and you deserve to celebrate it by going out in style. Take a look at some of our favorite custom graduation cap tutorials to spark your creativity, and when you’re ready to design a grad cap, we have you covered!


Don’t Touch My Crown Custom Grad Cap Tutorial

For the Queens out there, this is definitely a custom grad cap idea that you’ll want to consider. Why wear just a graduation cap when your graduation cap can also be a crown? Ammirite?

They even list where they got their graduation cap decorations, so all you have to do is follow the grad cap tutorial and tear up that runway!


“Decorating My Graduation Cap”

This custom grad cap video is “not a tutorial” as the description says, but it’s a great way to see just how easy it is to decorate your own grad cap. It’s also a wonderful way to see how you can use grad cap decorations to personalize your graduation.


“4 Fun Ways to Decorate Graduation Caps”

Why watch only one graduation cap tutorial when you can watch four tutorials in a matter of 3 minutes? This grad cap tutorial doesn’t get too deep into the details (hence why the video is so short) but it can give you a great starting point for customizing your grad cap.


“DIY Graduation Cap Decoration”

For the future grads who have no creative bone in their body (or who have no idea where to start when it comes to decorating a grad cap), this grad cap tutorial is definitely a must. It breaks down the details on how to decorate your graduation cap and shows you just how simple it can be to turn your graduation cap into your own custom design.


“DIY Graduation Cap”

 Here’s another one of the best grad cap tutorials on Youtube. Similar to the other custom grad cap tutorial videos, this one shows you exactly what to do (and what grad cap decorations) you need to put your masterpiece together.

Plus, the play on words of Drake's hit is definitely worthy of appearing on this list of the best grad cap tutorials. 


But now what? Once you have an idea of how you wish to design your custom grad cap, it's time to turn it into a masterpiece!

At Tassel Toppers, all of the custom grad caps are designed with the highest grade materials to ensure you can keep your wonderful design (and celebration) as a memory for many years to come.

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