How long will it take to receive my Grad Cap Topper?

We are able to print most orders the same day if the order is placed before 4:00pm EST. It is best to get your order in as soon as possible. Your Topper should arrive in 3-5 business days depending on the shipping method you choose. Faster if you choose UPS/Fedex Overnight or Priority USPS shipping. You’ll receive an email when your order ships. We know you have to have it before graduation, so we will work extra hard to get your order out on time.

Do you ship Internationally/Overseas?

Yes...we just added shipping methods to every corner of the Globe.  At checkout, just choose your country and it will auto calculate the shipping rates and methods as well as the duties/taxes.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

We offer free shipping on all orders via USPS Flat Rate which takes 5-7 days. At checkout you can pay extra for expedited shipping. 3 day is $5 via USPS Priority.  2 Day is $7 via UPS (Business Days) and Overnight Shipping is $10 via UPS (Business Days).

How does the Design Assistance work?

Contact us via email at with your idea for a Tassel Topper. Include any images, text, colors, clip art, and fonts.  Be as specific as possible.  We will then send you a proof for your review.  Send us any changes and this goes back and forth till your very happy with the design we created for you.  Then just order that design via this link: Design Assistance for just $45, which includes free shipping.  We will print the design you approved.  Your custom design will not show up on the website nor in any confirmation emails.  Its that easy.

Where can I see more student pics?

Check out our Facebook page to see hundreds more.

Looking for Bulk Pricing?

Are you a University Admissions Department? Looking to send these out with your Admissions letters to incoming students? Please contact your ASI or PPAI Distributor for pricing as you can receive discounted pricing based on volume or contact us at and we can help you locate a distributor.  Our ASI #90648 PPAI #620666 SAGE# 50126  

Are you a High School, Elementary or Kindergarten school looking to do a fundraiser?

Please reach out to your ASI or PPAI Distributor for pricing as you can also receive discounted pricing based on volume or or contact us at and we can help you locate a distributor. 

Do you have a patent?

Why yes we do...thanks for asking :) U.S. Patent #9,241,526

Will my parents shed tears of joy at my graduation?

We guarantee that your parents will be moved to tears when they see you graduate. Our Tassel Topper has been known to cause severe cases of pride and joy.

I want a custom design with my school colors, can you help?

Sure thing! We have most of the colors for the largest Universities in the country on our design tool already. If you do not see your school colors, just google your schools pantone/hex code colors and input that hex code into our color palette. We can even take one of our bestsellers and change the colors to match your schools. We can do anything except travel back in time.

Can I design my own Topper?

Sure! Just use our revolutionary design your own tool.

Can you help me design a Topper? How much does that cost?

Of course we can. For only $45, which includes free shipping, we can create the perfect Tassel Topper design for you.  Just email us directly at with your design request and our graphic designer can put together a proof for you to review. Please be as specific as possible with images, text, fonts, colors etc.  Note:  We do not add glitter or gemstones for you.  That is done by the students once they receive the Topper in the mail.

I still want to add glitter and rhinestones. Can I add them to your Tassel Topper? Do you sell them on your site?

When in doubt...bling it out!!! We encourage it. Glitter and Rhinestones will adhere to our Tassel Toppers very well. Check out our large selection of assorted peel and stick loose gemstones here.  Or our gemstone borders here.  We even have peel and stick white satin bows to put the finishing touches on your design here.  Look at some of the pics from former students and you will see that some of them have added the gemstones to make it look even better.

Is there a hole in the middle of the Topper?

No. There is no hole. It fits perfectly over the top of your graduation cap and does not obstruct the dangling tassel attached to the button in the center of your graduation cap. You can easily move the tassel at the end of the ceremony for the age old tradition of "the turning of the tassel", to commemorate the fact that you officially graduated!

I rented my graduation cap and gown. Will your product damage the graduation cap?

Don't worry. The adhesives that attach to the top of the graduation cap can be easily removed at the end of the graduation ceremony and will not leave any marks whatsoever! Your good to go!

I created my own design using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and the Design Tool doesn't accept those types of files...What do I do?

You can work directly with our designers. Just email your EPS or AI file to and we can help.  There is no additional fee for this service.

Design Your Own Tips

If you want to add 2 or more background colors to your Topper, we suggest using the rectangle in the clip art section and then stretching that to the desired space. Then change the color of the rectangle. This will block off that portion of the topper into a solid background color.

I uploaded an image and it looks blurry in the preview, can you do anything to fix this?

We are sorry, but we can’t do anything with the images that you upload. We suggest finding a different image to upload. Most students are searching on google for images, so try and add vector or png to your search. The custom Topper you created is printed just as you have designed it online.

What kind of file can I upload?

Any jpg, png, or gif file will work. Please make sure its less than 2MB as the site will not be able to handle anything bigger and your computer may explode.

What do I do with my Tassel Topper after graduation?

You can display them in our display stand or frame them.

Are Toppers really as cool in person as they look online?

Yep. Even cooler. Our industrial sized printers are worth every penny. You will be very impressed with our Toppers!

Where are the Toppers made?

Right here in the USA. Just a stones throw away from New York City in beautiful Midland Park, NJ. Made in the USA and proud of it!