Idea for Tassel Toppers:

The idea for Tassel Toppers was sparked back in 1997, when our Founder, Marc Goldberg, graduated from Indiana University. Graduation day was a big deal for Marc as well as his family. They were so proud of him and his accomplishments and were so excited to see him graduate.

Graduation day turned out to be the most uneventful event and failed to live up to the hype that had been building up all of those years. Each graduate had to wear the same color cap and gown and then were herded into an auditorium with thousands of other graduates. Since there were so many students graduating, the best they could do was to have all of the Business school students all stand at the same time and be recognized as a group. Oh well, at least Marc’s parents got to take plenty of pictures to remember the special day.

When his parents got the film developed (this was back in the day when you actually had to load film into the camera), Marc and his family saw that his mom had taken pictures of someone else during the entire commencement. Laughter set in and then a feeling of disappointment. Marc’s mom swore she had spotted him, but was sitting so far in the distance that it was very hard to tell who was who. Could you blame her? Everyone was all dressed the same. Even though it was quite funny that the whole time during the ceremony Marc's parents were watching some other student, Marc thought to himself that there had to be a better way for students to stand out from one another.

Back then, only a few students decorated their caps themselves and no matter how long or how much they spent to decorate it, it never looked as good as planned. That's when Marc sought out to create a professional product that one could be proud to wear and didn’t require hours to make or require any artistic abilities either. It could be removed for pictures and it wouldn’t disrupt the age-old traditions of a commencement ceremony. After many years of procrastination, Marc finally launched his idea and now has made graduation fun for every student as well as every parent. Tassel Toppers was born!

Every graduate has a story to tell about their hard work, sacrifice, determination and have many people to thank for all the support they received over the years. Tassel Toppers are the perfect way to convey your message in a professional way that can also be framed along with your diploma. Marc has found a way to bring individuality and personalization to graduation day and to let students send a tasteful message during graduation.

From all of us at Tassel Toppers, we hope you enjoy our product and your big day. Don't forget to send us pics of you wearing your Topper at graduation to