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How to Decorate Your Graduation Cap for Dummies

Clearly, you’re not a dummy since you are getting ready to graduate this year, but when it comes to decorating your graduation cap, you have no idea where to start. Don’t worry – we have put together a list of the best tutorial videos for DIY graduation caps that cover all the details. So, all you have to do is follow along and do exactly what these videos say.

 If crafts aren't your expertise, no worries. Shop our collection of pre-made custom grad cap designs today. 


“DIY Graduation Cap 3 Ways”

Hands down – our favorite DIY custom graduation cap tutorial is this one! In less than a minute and a half, you’re shown how to design a grad cap in three different ways. The tutorial also tells you the type of materials used to decorate the grad cap. There’s no talking or nonsense in this video; it greats straight to the point and shows you just how easy it is to have a custom grad cap.


“Graduation cap Design Tips and How To Put On”


If there’s one graduation cap tutorial to watch, it’s this one! Eleanour explains the tips to decorating a grad cap, as well as the how to wear your custom grad cap. Some of our favorite decorating grad cap tips from this video include:

  • Know how the cap will sit before you start designing it
  • Design your grad cap on a flat surface first
  • Use a pencil to start creating your graduation cap
  • You don’t have to cut out a circle for the tassel button 


“Decorating My Grad Cap + Vlog” 

We really like this grad cap tutorial because it’s also a vlog so you’re able to watch the steps to decorating your grad cap. Chaney also shows you absolutely every step she took to design her custom grad cap.  She also paints the grad cap instead of gluing on grad cap decorations which adds a nice, personal touch to the final look – and experience. 


“Decorating My Graduation Cap”

This is an amazing decorating a grad cap tutorial for people who have absolutely no idea what to do. Every step is shown to you – and explained – in this custom grad cap tutorial. So, just follow along and get started!


“Decorate My Graduation Cap With a Headband”

Here’s one of our favorite DIY grad cap tutorials. We really like this video because it breaks down the steps to decorating your grad cap – from shopping at a craft store to drawing your own design on the grad cap and everything in between.


Now that your custom graduation cap is done, send it over to Tassel Toppers to turn it into a masterpiece. We take your DIY grad cap and layer it with highest grade plastic to ensure you can keep your graduation cap as a souvenir for years to come. Your custom grad cap will also be waterproof and can be removed and reapplied as many times as you want.

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