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3 DIY Grad Cap Ideas You’ll Definitely Want to Steal as Your Own

 With all these DIY grad cap videos and custom grad cap photos filling up your social media feed, it likely has you thinking about designing your own grad cap. Unfortunately, not everyone is as creative as these DIY gurus and coming up with your own custom graduation cap design is much easier said than done.

The good news is that Tassel Toppers has pre-made custom graduation caps that you can purchase. All you have to do is stick it on the top of your hat and you’re ready to rock that graduation ceremony.

You can also steal “borrow” some ideas from grad cap tutorial videos. Here are some of the best DIY graduation cap idea we’ve stumbled across on Youtube.


“DIY Graduation Cap”

We’re big fans of this custom grad cap idea because Hailey shows you how to create your own grad cap. She also explains where she got her decorating materials. Here are some of our favorite grad cap decorating tips that we gathered from this video:

  • Grab patterned scrapbooking paper and cut out different parts of it
  • Don’t forget to trim the edges
  • Plan ahead and lay out the materials before securing anything


“Grad Hat Painting”

If you’re an artist, grab your paint brushes because this DIY grad cap idea is going to make you want to paint your own. While this video doesn’t break down the grad cap decorations used, it is a great tutorial to watch if you’re thinking about painting your own. It’s also shows you just how much time is put into decorating a grad cap, so make sure you start as soon as possible.



“How I Painted My Graduation Cap”

Here is another DIY graduation cap idea that involves you painting your own design. We really like this one, as it breaks down the specific materials used to create this idea. It also helps that she starts the video off saying that it’s much easier than it looks! Jokes aside, it’s an elaborate grad cap tutorial that truly breaks down the different steps to turning your idea into a masterpiece. Here are some of our favorite DIY grad tip ideas we took from this video:

  • Use stencils
  • Have some inspiration in front of you
  • Go over the areas you painted with the stencil
  • Tap the paint to blend
  • Define the words with black paint
  • Mixing the colors is the trick
  • Make sure everything dries as you go
  • Use a hairdryer on the cool setting to speed up the drying process


To be fair, even if you “borrow” one of these DIY grad cap ideas, it will be your own since you’ll be the one putting it all together. If none of these suit your taste, head on over to Tassel Toppers and explore our collection of pre-made custom grad cap designs.  

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